Alasir build 1.4.002 released

We wish to announce that we just released build 1.4.002 of version 1.4 of Alkasir.

Upon receiving feedback from several users of 1.4.001, we have been able to spot some bugs that we fixed that were preventing access to the proxy server on some occasions.

So kindly ensure that you have the latest version 1.4.002 available for download here.

Also kindly note that those who already filled a survey no longer need to re-fill it but can use the code they got at the end of the survey to activate the new build.

Alkasir development team

Akasir versions before 1.4 to be disabled starting July 10

This is to announce that versions prior to 1.4 will be disabled starting tomorrow, July 10, at midnight. So kindly ensure that you upgrade your current version to 1.4.001 to be able to use Alkasir smoothly.

We have also received some feedback and bug reports. Please continue sending this information as it will help us refine and fix issues with the new version.

Thanks to all users for their constant trust and support.

Alkasir development team

Version 1.4 of Alkasir released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.4 of Alkasir, which has several important changes to improve the overall functionality of the program. The new version could be downloaded from HERE. You can also get it by sending an email to

Version 1.4 under testing and to be released soon

We are glad to announce that we are soon releasing an enhanced version of Alkasir that has some significant changes to the way it works. Those changes could make it more stable in countries that have had recent blocking attempts of Alkasir servers. So please if you are not a member of, please register so you could get an update when the version is available.

Thanks to all of you for your support and feedback.

Alkasir development team

Alkasir v1.3.003 out with important fixes & installation version abandoned

We have now released a new build for version 1.3, namely 1.3.003 where we fixed several issues geared towards users in Iran and Syria. Those fixes mainly evolve around the connection method to the server to help connect despite potential deep packet inspection.

Hot fix version v1.3 build 2 released, with some changes

Thanks to the over a hundred emails that you sent us describing some issues with the new release. We have fixed some bugs tweaked the software and now produced an updated version 1.3 build 2.

Among the changes is the renewal of the port number only after closing Alkasir and not when resuming after hibernation or sleep or when disconnected. This would save the hassle of having to update the browser settings. However, you would still need to update your proxy settings if you close down Alkasir and start it again manually.

Alkasir v1.3 is out, servers back up & running

While wishing you a happy New Year, we are glad to inform you that a new version (1.3) of Alkasir has just been released. It is now accessible at or by sending an email to

Server maintenance

First of all, we wish you a happy new year full of success, prosperity and freedom!

Secondly, we wish to inform you that the servers of Alkasir are currently offline due to maintenance and hence, Alkasir may not work properly until the maintenance is over.

Hence downloads will be unavailable until the server resumes operation as usual. Members of will be informed by email when maintenance is over and services resume as usual.

We apologize for the inconvenience... team

Build 1.2.462 released

We've just released build 462 of version 1.2 for alkasir circumvention software. This build has fixes for issues that result from waking up the computer after a standby or hibernation. In earlier versions, we were told there were problems that forced users to do a restart of alkasir to resume working. Hopefully, this build solves this issue.

If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

alkasir team

A few more improvements in new build 461

We've just released another update involving some extra improvements to the connectivity of the bridges of alkasir. This version includes some tweaks that could provide more reliability for connections to the proxy server.

Those improvements were called for after some users in Syria and Iran reported interruptions to the service once in a while. This version is expected to provide more reliability for the connection to the proxy.

Please don't hesitate to