Cyber-Censorship Map (dynamically generated)

This map is automatically plotted based on the data collected from the database that is updated through usage patterns of alkasir software. Note that the higher the number of ISPs censoring a particular website, the more probable that that website is censored nationally.
Kindly note that it may take a while to load the map due to the fact that it fetches live data from different database entries to provide a more accurate and recent picture of the status of censorship...
Also, note that the number of ISPs blocking a particular website is usually a more reliable indicator of the status of national blocking. For example, if 122 out of 130 ISPs are blocking a particular website it is more likely to be blocked nationally, but if 6 out of 20 ISPs is blocking a website, it may be temporary or partial blocking.
NOTE: This data does not necessarily serve as a reliable measurement of censorship in those countries as it relies mostly on whether Alkasir users are reporting blocking and websites reported to be blocked.

To select a particular genre of blocked URLs, you can select from the following:

Click on any of the pins on the map to see details about what's verified to be blocked in that country, per alkasir's database

To select a particular URL and know where it is blocked, select from the following:
URLs reportedly blocked in more than 3 countries:
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