Here are some problem scenarios and their possible solutions.

The program crashes
Do you have enough disk space, necessary permissions to save files and modify registry entries? Those points are often the cause for program crashes in general. Please try clearing space, checking your computer for malware, ensuring permission writes for the program's directory and registry and reinstall the program again. If the problem remains, please contact us.

The program starts, but its icon on the system tray remains gray ().
Do you have a reliable Internet connection? Is your connection restricted to certain ports or Internet services (such as the WWW only)? Are you in an Internet cafe with several restrictions for ports, etc.? On some occasions, a simple restart of alkasir could solve it. On other occasions, it may be that your firewall or anti-virus program are preventing the program from accessing the Internet. If an error message appears on alkasir's interface, then you may try to send debugging information as per these instructions.

The program starts, but there is an error on the interface and this () icon.
There appears to be an error that prevented the proxy from being activated. Try restarting alkasir and/or the computer. If that doesn't work, then you can click on the Error box on the interface to send debugging information to based per these instructions. Among the likely causes for such an error are anti-virus or firewall programs (such as Semantics, Comodo, Zonelab, etc.) that may have prevented alkasir from accessing the Internet or computer resources. Try ensuring that alkasir is given the exceptions necessary to access any port it asks for. Because of the nature of any circumvention software, it may not be enough to allow the program a limited set of ports or IPs to access.

The program has its icon lit () on the system tray but my browser can't open blocked websites
Again, a common misconception about alkasir is that it will open all blocked websites. Note that the only blocked websites are the ones verified and approved by alkasir's team per its
policy. Any blocked website that does not conform to its policy would not be allowed. You can know which websites you are supposed to have access to by Listing the Blocked URLs through the program's interface. If the website you are trying to access is on that list and you are still unable to open it, diagnose your settings and follow the instructions to help fix the issue. You will never be able to access blocked websites until the diagnosis indicates that your settings are correct.

I see the red icon () and it appears active, but when I try to access a website that is blocked (and listed as blocked), it remains blocked.
Did you open alkasir before or after you started the browser? Often times, the browser is not updated properly because it was open when alkasir launched and hence, it was not properly set. It is best to keep the browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer) closed when starting alkasir because data updates that were made after the browser was opened may not take effect until the browser is restarted.

I can't report any website, the verification window keeps loading without end.
If you are reporting too many URLs or having a slow Internet connection, you may notice a delay, which is normal. Try limiting the number of URLs you report at a time to.

I diagnosed the settings, sent debugging information but the problem still persists.
The best thing then is to contact us for help.